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Description: Custom Solutions of Maryland File Management Data Mining Utilities 2048 KB

✅ ObzE_2.5.0_Data_Mining.dmg

Data Mining was developed to find the number of Hits (string occurrences) within a large text. To use Data Mining, use the File > Open menu to load a plain text file or paste the plain text to be searched into the window, enter the strings (case-sensitive) into the fields (28 fields provided) and click on the "Start Mining" button. Hits will be shown to the left of each string. The contents of the 28 search fields are saved when you quit and restored when you relaunch. To use the Ad Hoc search capability, type the search string (case-sensitive) into the Ad Hoc String field and click on the "Ad Hoc" button. The result will appear above the "Ad Hoc" button. The Ad Hoc String is not saved between sessions. There is also a Find capability. You can type a search string (case-insensitive) into the Find field and click on the "Find" button. The window will scroll to that row (just above the red line in the middle of the window) and the result is highlighted. You can click on the "Find Next" button to step through all string occurrences. The total number of text characters is displayed. Click on the "Reset" button to clear the text window, Hits and the Ad Hoc and Find search strings. Click on the "Clear Hits" button to clear just the Hits. Data Mining is optimized for speed. A search of one million characters for 28 strings takes approximately one second. A Help window is available. This utility was written in REALbasic and is freeware.

Updated on 10.12.4 yf8_vers.2.6.0_Data_Mining.pkg (2109 KB)

Version 10.12 v.2.5.3.data.mining.gla.dmg (1822 KB)

MacBook EWC4e_Data_Mining_v_2.5.2.tar.gz (1720 KB)

10.11.6 Data-Mining-ver.-2.8.0-70jo.app (1802 KB)

Featured for Mac Pro ver._2.7.0_Data_Mining_148t.tar.gz (1740 KB)

Recomended for Mojave 3klldu-data-mining-vers-2.5.4.pkg (1925 KB)

Recomended! version vers.4.5.0.Data.Mining.bXR.app (1638 KB)

Custom Solutions of Maryland

Key for repack Data Mining 2.5.0

Updated version lcRHW.HungryMe.3.4.app 4.4

! version gQnn.version.1.1.12.Keka.pkg 1.1.3

10.11 Mancala_ver_2.5_1gY.tar.gz 3.5

MacOS eBeOb.7.0.5.BlueHarvest.zip 7.1.4
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