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Title PeptideShaker
vers.1.16.40 PeptideShaker

Image: Pixelmator BUG FIX: Fixed bugs in the PRIDE Reshake. BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where the PathSettingsCLI options where not supported when using the ReportCLI. Changes in PeptideShaker 0.37.0 (January 23. 2015): Requirements: Please download the Aspera Connect Web Browser Plug-in. Although you download a Browser Plug-in you will be using the 'ascp' command line transfer program distributed with it. That means command line skills are needed in order to use the Aspera upload option. BUG FIX: The gene ontology is now saved when chosen in the Project dialog.


Best on OS X (96440 kbytes)

Version to Mac mini (117997 kbytes)

Best High Sierra (107786 kbytes)

BUG FIX: Fixed a bug in the Species Dialog where the text on the Update/Download button was not always correct.
BUG FIX: Fixed issues with the high resolution exports of the plots in the Spectrum IDs tab.
BUG FIX: Cleanup of the temp path options when used as options for the other command lines.
In this case processed identification results are provided in other formats (search engine output files, ‘SEARCH’ files). The processed identification results cannot be integrated and made searchable in PRIDE (peptide and protein identifications), or visualized using PRIDE Inspector. However, all the files are available to download via FTP or Aspera. This mechanism allows data generated from software that cannot export to standard formats, or from other experimental approaches (e.g. top down proteomics, Data independent adquisition, etc) to be deposited into PRIDE.
█ ➞➞➞ LINK #3 PeptideShaker 1.16.12
BUG FIX: Corrected a bug in the custom PSM and peptide exports.
Submitted datasets are 'private' by default, which means you need to be logged-in to view your data. We however also create a reviewer account for your submission (with an username and password) which you can include in your manuscript. The PX reviewer account will give you access to all of the files belonging to your submission. You can access the private dataset files in two ways: via the PRIDE Archive web page or via PRIDE Inspector.

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Recomended on 10.11.4 RuS.PhoneRescue.for.Android.v.3.6.1.pkg [26357 kbytes] 3.6.2

version Japanese English [99066 kbytes] 3.13.2

El Captan 60l-Sandkorn-v-1.3.5.tar.gz [4524 kbytes] 1.7
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