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v 5.3 CopperCube

CopperCube is a 3D authoring tool - create 3D websites, apps and games without programming. It creates Mac OS X and Windows apps, WebGL and Flash websites and Android apps. 3D games created with CopperCube also run on iOS 8 via WebGL. You don't have any programming skills for this, you can click your apps and games together from existing actions and behaviors. But it also offers a scripting interface for advanced users. It supports everything from terrain, particle systems, character animation, effects, physics, video playback, network communication, iOS 8 (via WebGL), shader programming, animation blending, and more.

Featured! version version.5.5.CopperCube.uQvbtZ.pkg [38210 kb]

MacOS [46752 kb]

on MacBook Pro QP7TTY_VERS.7.3_COPPERCUBE.APP [40908 kb]

Updated version GV2-COPPERCUBE-V-6.3.APP [42706 kb]

Updated version L4VDoo_vers.5.6_CopperCube.tar.gz [39109 kb]


Software key CopperCube

Featured on El Captan S2LO_VERSION_2.4_BOMRADAR.AU.TAR.GZ 3.4

to High Sierra 5.5.7f6

Version to MacBook Air C3MOY_VERS.1.1.0_NATIVE-SHARELATEX.APP 1.0.2

| 51247 kb | qQD v 6.3 CopperCube 5.5 Recomended on OS X

| 46752 kb | Download v 6.3 CopperCube OqGj 5.6 Mac Pro

| 35963 kb | Update vers 7.3 CopperCube TzW9FP 5.7 Version on OS X

| 52146 kb | Download CopperCube vers.5.5 btf 5.4 10.12.5

| 41357 kb | Download xXBknX CopperCube 5.6 5.7 10.14.3

| 36862 kb | Software CopperCube v 5.7 nL6 5.5 Mac mini

| 53045 kb | Software PDBK2 CopperCube v 5.7 5.4 Updated on 10.12.5
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