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● break.2.0.app

Break is a handy tool for Mac to schedule your tasks for a day. You can also add tasks one-by-one in real-time as you go about them. See how much time you spend on specific tasks and make your daily work reports. Get instant reminders from schedule tasks and say good bye to procrastination.

- Add task from pop up window with a keyboard hotkey (Command+B).
- Keep track on task duration.
- Schedule tasks as Anytime and assign them later to a particular date.
- Add or Customise small breaks in your work schedule from pre-loaded break templates.
- Edit break time intervals and duration.
- Export task data in Print, PDF or share directly via email.
- Automatic prompt from Status menu bar.
- Auto Backup and Manual Backup data
- Security with keychain
- Set working schedule according to your office time
- Do not disturb
- Report and Dashboard
- Automatic prompt to get data

Best Mojave Break_3.0_u0JBpJ.dmg {14008 KB}

Updated High Sierra ver.2.1.Break.DrA.dmg {13658 KB}

Version Mojave Break.ver..2.4.3UrL.pkg {9572 KB}

Best! version D7H_BREAK_VER._2.3.DMG {10506 KB}

Updated version hDZ.Break.4.0.zip {12724 KB}

Inspiring-Life Technologies Private Limited

! version Display-Maid-version-1.2.5-kEO.tar.gz {2171 KB} 1.3.1

Version Mac Pro Barcody.Express.vers.2.15.r36pfO.dmg {9774 KB} 1.16

Updated version unpkg-v-4.9-BrUP.app {749 KB} 5.5
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