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Matthew Hutton
D&D Manager
Card and Board

D&D Manager v.2.3.2

D&D Manager is an application for keeping track of D&D characters, spells and their related properties including weapons, skills and feats. Also allows quick character creation and the creation of template characters. You can also run battles between the characters with special ability support, spells, including casting of summoning and ability changing spells, and one, two and multiple weapon attacks. Characters can also have one of the built in, or custom character classes and spells can also now belong to them. More information is available on the features page of my website. If you find any bugs please can you send me an email to

for El Captan ver._2.6.2_D& [6266 kbytes]

to MacBook Air iq5qz-d&d-manager-ver.-2.3.6.tar.gz [5222 kbytes]

Updated to 10.13.4 VER.-2.3.5-D&D-MANAGER-AIZ.TAR.GZ [6942 kbytes]

Recomended to Mojave B5R0c-D&D-Manager-2.4.2.dmg [6758 kbytes]

Version for 10.13 d&d_manager_vers_2.3.4_otm.pkg [6205 kbytes]

Matthew Hutton

Featured 10.14 OKGeJ.vers.3.2.9.English&Fun.tar.gz | 4395 KB | 4.1.9

Sierra vers-1.4.6-Blackjack-Gold-lkh.dmg | 63397 KB | 1.3.8

Featured El Captan 31Hk-Fitness-Hero-1.2.13.dmg | 4471 KB | 1.2.11

to MacOS TunesKit-Apple-Music-Converter-vers.3.1.0-Qnc.tar.gz | 27417 KB | 2.2.0

Updated version HAWKMARK-VER-1.1.1-XK7DG.ZIP | 6793 KB | 1.3

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