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v.1.8 TreeSize

TreeSize is a folder and disk analysis tool.

- It's very easy and intuitive to use : just drag folder and disk or open it
- It shows kinds of data in rainbow color so that you can see how much they are at one glance
- It shows classical tree structure so that you can easily navigate to where you want to go
- It shows the biggest 100 items and lets you pick them up and clean
- It shows all items in order of size, name or date
- You can check the content of file by Quick look panel
- You can see any file or folder in Finder by one click
- You can open any file with proper application by one click
- Added 'Open with TreeSize' in Service Menu

Recomended! version TREESIZE-V-1.5-1D9.PKG [1410 kb]

Version on High Sierra treesize-version-3.8-weknqt.pkg [2054 kb]

Featured MacOS [1880 kb]

El Captan v_1.10_TreeSize_ymZq.pkg [1688 kb]

Updated to Mac YoGwa.ver.1.6.TreeSize.pkg [2002 kb]

Best on 10.12.6 ZJYJ_TREESIZE_VERS_1.12.PKG [1653 kb]

zCommander Apps

Updated version [958 kb] 1.3.3

Featured MacBook Air WILDHOLLOW.VERS.2.0M.DD47.APP [29556 kb] 3.0M

(1566 KB) Free 9HET VERSION 1.10 TREESIZE 1.9 Best for iMac Pro

(1514 KB) App XdJt version 1.12 TreeSize 1.10 Recomended! version
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