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Note: PDFClerk Pro is no longer being sold. If you are interested in this software, the developer has recommended its PDF Nomad instead.
PDFClerk Pro has a number of helpful applications: whether you are a printing and graphic communication industry professional, need to prepare a PDF document to your print-shop's specifications or dabble with PDF documents at home, chances are PDFClerk Pro will help you get the job done more easily and efficiently.
PDFClerk Pro enables a multitude of transformations on your original PDF documents as well as creating PDF documents from scratch. Features include: adding blank pages; rotating, deleting and reordering pages; bookmarks; marking up documents; powerful document merging and splitting options; overlaying document on top of each other; flexible user definable imposition options (including step & repeat) for preparation of any kind of book, flyer, magazine or other publication (there are even factory provided imposition layouts for right-to-left reading languages); editing and creation of hyperlinks; (re)definition of PDF display boxes; proofing and finishing marks; creating and editing PDF forms;scripting; many more features.

Version on Mojave VER.3.13.2.PDFCLERK.PRO.ZKZTIO.TAR.GZ | 16810 kbytes |

Best MacOS YzZn-v.4.12.2-PDFClerk-Pro.tar.gz | 18678 kbytes |

El Captan ver..3.14.2.PDFClerk.Pro.tkr.dmg | 15098 kbytes |

Updated to Mojave 4Yu8U-v.5.12.2-PDFClerk-Pro.tar.gz | 13541 kbytes |


Version to OS X xYAog.ver..1.7.2.FTP.Disk.pkg | 13312 kbytes | 1.4.1

MacOS 1.2.6_BeatMark_X_zv0.app | 24938 kbytes | 1.3.2

Updated OS X Bitdefender-Antivirus-v. | 16036 kbytes |

to High Sierra XPwCc.1.3.2.Strands.zip | 322 kbytes | 1.3.4

Best 10.13.4 VER.. | 28835 kbytes |
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