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Mindown is the new and best way to write and organize your notes, lists, todos, ideas and more. And to keep them in sync on all your Mac and iOS devices! Your mind is filled with information and ideas, with Mindown you can keep all that organized once and for all. Mindown lets you link notes inside notes so you can keep related information grouped just like you do in your head. You can also choose a note to be your Badge Note and Mindown will reflect the number of notes inside it on your icon badge. Perfect for your to-do list. And don't be afraid to make mistakes, subscribers can access old versions of notes, as well as undelete notes.

Best! version kfra4.1.3.5.Mindown.zip

Version 10.11.5 v.2.2.5_Mindown_7ZAfr.app

Featured on 10.13.6 wcvxs_Mindown_v_3.2.5.app

! version 0oby-ver.-1.2.6-mindown.pkg

Best! version MINDOWN-1.5.5-WYUGO.PKG

Antonio Carvalho

Updated on 10.14.2 A0aWYF_v.6.19.137_VNC_Viewer.app [3506 KB] 6.19.127

Featured El Captan EJECT.EVERYTHING.VER.1.3.7Y5E6.PKG [27 KB] 1.4

10.11.5 LHWGX_VER_3.1.0.31_SIMPLE_CATALOGER.DMG [5751 KB]

Updated Mac Pro GDC-ver.-2.0.0-Comet.pkg [1628 KB] 1.0.1

2020 Mac application
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