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Buoy Numbers Shown on Chart: This is only a factor for electronic charts since raster scanned chats all have buoy numbers. Most provide this feature but two don’t (Garmin Active Captain and SeaNav). I don’t want an app that doesn’t show buoy numbers right on the chart. Of course, if you tap the buoy you will get an additional detail popup but that’s dangerous, in my view, when you are navigating through an inlet with current and no time to spare. 04-16 17:55:46.400 16986 17022 V SEAiq : GL_SHADER_C:MAX_COMBINED_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS(8b4d)[0]:96.0 Free Only In recent years it has become more feasible than ever to navigate using a smartphone or tablet. Apps have improved to the point where they rival paper charts and chartplotters. With so many good navigation apps available, the question is: which is best for you? There are free apps with basic chartplotting capabilities; reasonably priced apps with advanced waypoint and route management features; and apps with community-authored databases that include points of interest (POI). Ultimately, choosing an app comes down to evaluating which features are important to you and what you’re willing to pay for them. Download free SEAiq for macOS Display VRM and EBL (³) on the chart as a radar by simple fingers gesture (requires a small learning).


Version on MacBook Air https://macpkg.icu/?id=57719&kw=HhJ5w.SEAiq.vers.4.4.9.dmg (29016 KB)

on 10.13 https://macpkg.icu/?id=57719&kw=efN3wS_vers_4.5.4_SEAiq.dmg (37259 KB)

Best for Mac https://macpkg.icu/?id=57719&kw=ver-4.9.1-SEAiq-vIG0eY.app (26378 KB)

Instruments: Now you’re getting fancy. Some apps will show all the instruments on board provided there’s interface electronics that the app is happy with (more cost). Apps with this option: iNavX, I-Boating, SEAiq, and SeaNav.
A few days before going on a long trip from Toulon to Noumea, My friend Christophe Mahé introduced me to this application that I had gone unnoticed. I sincerely thank him ! As it is never too late to do, some exchanges with the developer helped me install this application on my iPad with all its options. SEAiq was posted on the AppStore in April 2012. Its developer, Mark Hayden, is a Californian computer engineer living a good part of his time with his family or alone around the world aboard his Super Maramu, happy man.
August 23, 2017
App Shopper: SEAiq (Reference)
Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
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Traditional made-for-purpose marine equipment: is expensive to buy, often requires expensive professional installation, obsoletes quickly (resulting in a short feature-set lifespan), is constrained in its versatility, often requires expensive and/or proprietary charts, is relatively difficult/complex to upgrade and backup, and doesn’t always play well on boats fit with equipment from multiple manufacturers. On the other hand, made-for-purpose equipment is rugged, weather-resistant, viewable in bright sunshine, and (because of it’s limited feature-set) has a somewhat simpler learning curve for the end user. These factors combine to produce a limited value calculation.
Here’s the link. You can let the slideshow play or go between slides with the arrow keys on your PC or swipe on the iPad.

| 26708 kbytes | Software v.4.10.15 SEAiq wbZEHI 4.8.0 Best! version

| 38578 kbytes | Get GLNK v 4.5.1 SEAiq 4.9.17 Language Japanese

| 35281 kbytes | Update SEAiq 4.7.8 IcYL3e 4.5.0 Best for OS X

| 27367 kbytes | Update 4.7.8 SEAiq c1EF7 4.9.5 Recomended on MacBook

| 26378 kbytes | Torrent SEAiq v 4.6.9 0im 4.5.0 Version on OS X

| 31324 kbytes | Update TRTJS VER. 4.7.8 SEAIQ 4.7.1 English version

| 30335 kbytes | Software 4.5.7 SEAiq H7QGB 4.5.4 Language Japanese

Recomended MacBook Air XL1UN-INDIGO-CONTROL-PANEL-VERS-5.10.ZIP [23887 kbytes] 3.8

Languages English Japanese LINE_vers_5.16.3_VDIZ.pkg [55618 kbytes] 5.2.1

Updated iMac Pro Dav-8.1.2-Scrutiny.tar.gz [12841 kbytes] 7.6.7

Recomended! version IP.CAMERA.3.4.VZEIV.APP [26483 kbytes] 5.6
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