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➦ STRATA V 1.0

Strata is a responsive theme with clear and bold styling that looks great "out of the box". Unique features include Sticky Navigation, Site Band styling, 12 Custom Fonts, 60+ Social Icons, auto Fluid Video conversion, and more. Create a stunning website or blog in minutes!

Hybrid Navigation
Strata displays navigation in both the site sidebar - and an polished sticky menu! Optionally, you can hide sidebar navigation, change "Menu" button text, enable or disable click for parent links (pages that contain sub pages), and style all navigation states with full color control.

12 Custom Fonts
Select from 12 quality serif and sans-serif Google Fonts that you can apply individually to key site elements for style control. As an example, set only the Site Title, and content Headings to receive the custom font - if desired. Font size is adjustable for most key site elements as well.

Site Band Style
Strata's "Band" can be an image banner or solid color, and contain both breadcrumb links and social icons. There's also Band overlay styles, and independently adjustable desktop and mobile heights. Enjoy 4 built-in images, optionally use up to 20 Resource images.

60+ Social Icons
Our social icon library (that we create, and add to) has grown to over 60 social networks! These icons can go anywhere in any editable content area, or import into special areas of Strata. Setup is easy, and covered in the Strata theme manual.

Responsive Tools
Creating a responsive website can have it's challenges, but to help make life easier - Strata includes built-in tools to convert images and embedded video from fixed dimensions to automatic fluid scaleability. Responsive tool usage is covered in the Strata theme manual.

Photo Album 2.0
If you're familiar with the standard Photo Album page RapidWeaver provides, Strata completely transforms the image output! We call it, Photo Album "2.0" formatting, a responsive lightbox image gallery with square thumbnails and optional captions.

Auto Fluid Video
Simply adding embed video links into your site from YouTube, Vimeo, Blip.tv or Viddler, Strata will automatically detect and apply responsive formatting to each video. It couldn't be easier (and faster) to have great looking videos that scale to any screen size.

Updated to MacOS J4te0u.1.2.Strata.pkg

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Featured to High Sierra xlq-v-1.3-strata.zip

Nick Cates Design

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