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BizCards Sidekick
Aidaluu Inc


BizCards Sidekick lets you design and print stylish business cards in minutes!

- Drag and drop designer, create professional business cards with support for custom photos, shapes, lines and table grids
- Start from a blank canvas or choose a professional design from the template collection
- Supports both US Letter and International A4 templates (10 cards per sheet style)
- True free form layout, customize all elements including, text, graphics and backgrounds
- Integrated with Contacts, supports fast personalized design printing directly from selected Contacts
- Supports multiple printing modes:
- Single Card Printing - print to any selected single spot on the template
- Full Sheet Printing - print designs to entire business card template
- Multiple Card Printing - print different designs to a single business card sheet

- Supports export of design in high quality image format for third party professional print shops

Compatible Templates
- 10 Per US Letter Sheet Templates: Avery 5371, 5911, 8371, 8471, 8859, 28371, 28877, 28878
- 10 Per A4 Sheet Templates: Avery C32011, C32016, C32026, C32040, C32094, C32095

Recomended for Mojave hOM3A_ver._3.4_BizCards_Sidekick.dmg (44162 KB)

on Sierra 6Zqsvz.BizCards.Sidekick.ver.5.0.tar.gz (52470 KB)

OS X vers.3.2_bizcards_sidekick_6pj.app (42850 KB)

on MacOS v-3.3-BizCards-Sidekick-VqDPDq.dmg (37603 KB)

Version to 10.14.3 ach6_bizcards_sidekick_version_4.0.zip (37603 KB)

Sierra 3.1_BizCards_Sidekick_jsm3zU.dmg (40664 KB)

Aidaluu Inc
Official site: http://bizcardssidekick.aidaluu.com

Key list

Best 10.12 LINKTHING-VERS.3.3.14-A9THTR.TAR.GZ (49 KB) 2.3.16

Updated to OS X atwrD_Spotdox_version_1.7.4.app (1915 KB) 2.7.1

Featured! version aIv5YG_vers.5.2_Daily_Ab_Workout.dmg (3446 KB) 3.4

| 48534 kb | Update BizCards Sidekick ver. 4.0 iFoSa 3.3 for El Captan

| 44162 kb | Get VERS.5.0 BIZCARDS SIDEKICK J5CO 3.2 Updated Mac

| 51158 kb | App BIZCARDS SIDEKICK 3.3 G4FQAW 3.1 for Mac Pro

| 49409 kb | Software XQq8 ver 4.0 BizCards Sidekick 3.2 Best! version
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