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Developer - baKno Games
Filesize - 165683
Title - MahJong
◍ MahJong v 6.1.0

Double click the folder and open folders until you have 4Winds2 folder open (the folder path relative to is, as shown in the image below: drive_c > Program Files > 4Winds2:
2. Game settings really influence how well you can play and are not easy to optimize intuitively.
فارسى (ایران)
Plunge into The World of the East with MahJong for your Mac
Mahjong In Poculis for Mac makes learning Mahjong -- a popular game of strategy, skill, and a bit of luck -- fun. You can challenge yourself with six unique themes, all offering you a different layout with new obstacles to overcome. The gameplay is loads of fun, but only after you've learned the basics of matching tiles and scoring points, which doesn't take too long.
Shanghai Mahjong has been carefully designed to look amazing on whichever device you decide to run it on: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Macintosh.

iMac (154085 kbytes)

Best for MacBook Pro (150771 kbytes)

OS X (140830 kbytes)

Key list

For the Mac version: go into System Settings, go to Sound, and make sure "Play user interface sound effects" is checked and the alert volume is not all the way down. Microsoft Mahjong Euskara (Euskara) - collect golden tiles to complete levels Mac OS X from 10.4, iOS, Android, Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7 / Vista / XP 2013-08-29: Version 1.13 fixes a major bug in a feature that presumably nobody uses, namely saving and resuming of games. It also fixes a very minor bug in the graphical client. Warning: the game Mahjong Master (or the app) have to be downloaded, si it could takes few seconds to few minutes to download. To know when Mahjong Master is downloaded and installed, go on your home screen of your Android Device and check if the app icon is displayed. Previous Updates: Added 475 new free boards, added 1 new board pack with 200 new boards and lots more.

{144144 KB} Free PSI MAHJONG VER 6.1.2 6.1.3 to 10.11.6

{170653 KB} Free MahJong ver 6.1.3 RpMs 7.1.0 Featured! version

{165683 KB} Software 7.1.0 MahJong Uzqm 6.3.0 Version on MacOS

{190535 KB} Torrent MahJong ver 7.1.0 0ok49X 6.1.3 Sierra

{185564 KB} Software pE7SLG MahJong ver. 6.1.4 6.2.0 Updated on MacOS

{144144 KB} App f1Txco MahJong version 6.1.1 8.1.0 10.11.5

{139173 KB} Update qybhd vers 6.1.1 MahJong 6.3.0 MacOS

for 10.13.6 F9MYLC-V-1.4.5-HASTE---QUICK-WEB-SEARCH.TAR.GZ (10650 kbytes) 1.2.5

Best Sierra XRSE.TABLEFLIP.VERSION.1.4.0.PKG (13065 kbytes) 1.2.3

Mac Pro Bigger-Picture-version-1.1.4-ZYkifv.dmg (35546 kbytes) 1.1.2

version Chinese Hindi UBM-REQUIREMENTS-MANAGER-2.10.1.DMG (12018 kbytes) 2.5.0
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