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Description: iBiz Professional; IGG Software, LLC; Applications; Business; 16179 KB


Note: On 4 October 2013, IGG Software announced that it was ceasing development of this title. It will continue to provide technical support to its existing customers for one year, but no further changes will be made to the software, nor will it be for sale any longer.
The iBiz Professional package includes iBiz Server and two copies of iBiz Client: the basis for a multi-user time-tracking network. With iBiz Pro, law firms, ad agencies or other professional offices with multiple employees, generating billable hours at different rates, can track their work, generate timely invoices and manage accounts effortlessly. And iBiz Professional grows along with your business by letting you add new users - seamlessly.

Recomended on OS X vers.4.1.6_iBiz_Professional_DUVnk.tar.gz

Recomended! version TBCX4Z_IBIZ_PROFESSIONAL_V_4.4.4.ZIP

Featured! version yas7.v.4.1.7.ibiz.professional.zip

Recomended to El Captan vo0IvQ.v.4.1.5.iBiz.Professional.app

Mojave ver..4.3.4.iBiz.Professional.rHuMO.pkg

IGG Software, LLC
Site: http://www.iggsoftware.com

Featured Sierra BRIGHTNESS_CONTROL_V.3.0.4_J0WPW.PKG [91 kb] 1.0.5

10.12.6 Superbrothers:_Sword_&_Sworcery_EP_ver_1.2.1_jWD.pkg [379412 kb] 1.0.2

on Mojave QZK-Slimjet-ver- [93805 kb]

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