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3.1 Themes for Keynote

Themes for Keynote contains an impressive collection of Keynote designs for your presentations. Every template can be used to create a content-rich and captivating presentation that will truly impress your audience. The collection is comprised of action themes with moving backgrounds and the regular themes with static backgrounds. Furthermore, all the templates are available in several different sizes--including full HD at 1920x1080 pixels--so everyone will find the perfect size for widescreen displays (16:9, 16:10), iPad (4:3) and different projectors. With iCloud, it is also easy to keep your presentations up to date across all your devices--including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch--so you can start your presentation on the Mac and then access the latest version of it on whatever device you happen to be using at the time.
Note: Though the themes are free to download, they have to be unlocked through in-app purchases.

10.11.4 vers.4.1-Themes-for-Keynote-xtrEL.app

Recomended on 10.11 eq8bLN.Themes.for.Keynote.v.3.5.zip

iMac themes_for_keynote_v.3.4_akxs.dmg

Featured! version nlSR.ver.5.1.Themes.for.Keynote.tar.gz

Recomended on 10.11.6 vers-3.2-Themes-for-Keynote-lDH.pkg

High Sierra 59P_Themes_for_Keynote_vers_3.3.dmg

UAB Macmanus

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Version for 10.13 QMG_GROWL_VER._2.1.4.ZIP [6197 kb] 2.1.5

for Mac v_90002.84_IMVU_6qamf.zip [46936 kb] 90000.87

Best for Sierra y5T-Scrapbook-with-Neko-ver-3.2.8.app [1197 kb] 5.0.8

Recomended MacBook Pro DNTF_WEATHERBUG_1.2.2.DMG [7923 kb] 1.1.2

Mojave Bitnami-KnowledgeTree-Stack-ver.- [131018 kb]

Updated version Z4OSO-SUNFLOWER-VERS-1.18.APP [1601 kb] 0.21

to Mac MacFusion-vers-2.0.7-pGX.app [4596 kb] 4.0.4
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