on iMac v 1.0.1 Low Battery Saver how install

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Low Battery Saver

➣ Low Battery Saver v.1.0.1

Low Battery Saver will safely sleep your MacBook before it runs out of battery. It offers a range of options for notifying you that your battery is running low and taking action.
- Sleep your MacBook automatically when the battery drops below the level you set. This conserves battery before the computer dies completely.
- Provides a clear warning message before sleep begins-- giving you a chance to plug in or ignore the warning (if you dare!).
- Launch on startup so that you are always protected.

Updated High Sierra kMnU-v.1.0.3-Low-Battery-Saver.dmg | 246 KB |

Updated version ver.-1.2.1-Low-Battery-Saver-VuW.dmg | 225 KB |

Featured Mac DFR-LOW-BATTERY-SAVER-1.1.1.APP | 246 KB |

10.11.6 hib65.low.battery.saver.vers.3.0.1.zip | 209 KB |

Space Inch, LLC

Version Mac Pro v.1.1.Dynamics.Calculator.p2e.pkg [3929 kb] 3.0

Best on MacOS 2XU_v.1.2.4_Table_Tool.zip [843 kb] 2.2.1
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