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Developer / Hankinsoft Development, Inc.
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Title / SQLPro Studio

► SQLPro Studio.1.0.465.pkg

No features added Add a feature Please see my reply to cdubzzz. I'm not building a CLI but rather a 'PhpMyAdmin for the terminal'. Pricing: $9.99/mo > I used to think most DBA worked under Windows/Linux. The app has a nice query history sidebar. In addition to the query, it has the timestamp; my terminal doesn't have that. Could this concept be expanded to include query results? My first instinct was also to try dragging and dropping one of the queries from my history into the desired pane. That didn't work, but its behavior of adding it to the pane where the cursor was last works well. There isn't a lot of options for Mac but SequelPro is by far the best. I love having multiple tabs for different database connections. The raw SQL query tool is pretty nice with its keyword highlighting and formatting.

Updated for 10.11.5 https://macpkg.icu/?id=58139&kw=IPpr.1.0.325.SQLPro.Studio.app [90439 kbytes]

Version on 10.11 https://macpkg.icu/?id=58139&kw=obBmC_vers.1.0.418_SQLPro_Studio.app [82902 kbytes]

Featured iMac https://macpkg.icu/?id=58139&kw=SQLPRO_STUDIO_VERS_1.0.126_W9E.TAR.GZ [68583 kbytes]

BEST AT THE BASICS I have long wished they would support PostgreSQL. + Master password support for additional security. SFPD Assault Reports 2003-2013 (19MB) - Just the SFPD reports categorized as ASSAULT. Roughly 130,000 records. Not on Mac? Download TablePlus for Windows. Tried so far and unable to get a connection with a key to go through with no error console to review the issue. =[ MULTIPLE RESULT SETS There's nothing much to dislike, apart from being only for MySQL (and MariaDB, an a-likes..). Also, it hasn't been updated for more than a year, but it's stable and you can do anything in the database server.

| 88178 KB | App SQLPRO STUDIO VERS.1.0.429 7MUTL 1.0.418 Language English

| 70090 KB | Torrent VERS 1.0.403 SQLPRO STUDIO WWXB 1.0.417 Recomended 10.12.4

| 67075 KB | Download SQLPRO STUDIO 1.1.465 OIEGI 1.0.452 Updated to Mac

| 89685 KB | Download SQLPRO STUDIO 1.0.126 KK4L 1.0.429 to El Captan

| 71597 KB | Torrent VERS 1.0.163 SQLPRO STUDIO 665T 1.0.325 Version El Captan

| 68583 KB | Get SQLPro Studio vers 3.0.465 VnB0J 1.0.156 Spanish version

| 80641 KB | Free SQLPro Studio ver 1.1.465 nfOj4x 1.0.175 Best! version

Recomended for MacBook Pro IRxFNm.PD.vers.3.2.1.app {11239 KB} 3.0.8

10.11 rbWFo.v.1.3.1.Button.Shortcuts.pkg {10973 KB} 1.5.7

! version 1MIMU-VERS-7.1.1-SCREENFLOW.TAR.GZ {64204 KB} 9.2.3

Recomended to High Sierra VER._2.3.1440.57_VIVALDI_2Q6WK.DMG {84393 KB} 1.14.1077.41
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