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Main category: Utilities
Sub category: File Management
Developer: Erwin Bonsma
Filesize: 3174
Title: GrandPerspective
► GrandPerspective 2.2.1

MacPorts (in /opt/local) • Configurable user preferences "This critter is going to be a fairly constant companion..." • Drawing and scanning are carried out in background threads MacAppGuide: "GrandPerspective really is a great program that allows you to see files that you may have previously forgotten about that are still taking up pointless space" (this is the most informative video of them all) • Select files and folders in the view


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OmniDiskSweeper has long been one of my favorite free utilities available for the Mac, and I use it often for my own computer and when trying to figure out what’s eating the disk space of other Macs I may encounter. We have discussed using OmniDiskSweeper before here on multiple occasions, it’s a great tool. TerryCPiano With modern versions of Hugin, Autopano is no longer required because Hugin now brings its own built-in control point detector, named cpfind. However, after upgrading from 2010.4 Hugin at first becomes unusable because in its preferences there still lurk the old Autopano settings, and those no longer work with the new Hugin version. To fix this and activate cpfind, go to the "Control Point Detectors" tab of the preferences dialog and hit "reset to factory settings". GrandPerspective More: Features GrandPerspective Macs OS X 8 Nov 2017 GrandPerspective 1.9.1 L1 has been released. The first localized release since a while. It includes newly added support for Chinese (Simplified). Translations for this have kindly been provided by Albert Leng. You can download it from Sourceforge. Multiple view support: XiphQT Installs into /Library/Components (not into /Library/QuickTime, as one might expect from a QuickTime component) Choose the “Scan Other Folder” button.

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Best 10.14.1 [62136 KB] 3.4.7

to 10.12 DECIPHER.BACKUP.REPAIR.VERS.12.5.6.CFMSCV.DMG [56551 KB] 11.3.0
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