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Lighten Software Limited
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PDF to Excel Converter

✅ PDF to Excel Converter vers.6.2.0

Lighten PDF to Excel Converter eliminates the need to retype data from PDF files. You can quickly and accurately convert native PDF files to Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx) and CSV formats. It will automatically detect tables in most PDF files. You can manually mark table areas, add columns and rows, and merge or split cells for PDFs with extremely complex layouts. It provides flexible features crafted to suit all your conversion needs and convert all kinds of tabular data.

- Easily and quickly converts PDF to Excel and CSV
- This app is designed for converting PDF to Excel (.xlsx) file so you can calculate, perform formula or organize the data easier
- Convert table automatically in smart ways
- It will detect table base on table borders or data structure, so it can convert most of the PDF files with table data automatically and accurately
- Mark and edit table areas flexibly
- For some table with complex layout, which auto conversion is not correct, you can manually add columns and rows, merge and split cells as you wish. In this case, it can handle even the most complex PDF file data without any problems
- Flexible output options
- You can convert table data only
- Keep original formatting, such as font and cell color, border lines etc.
- Or just convert data without formatting
- And more output options are available

- Convert multiple PDF files at one time

You can add as many PDF files as you want at one time, at a speed of 100 page per min, even the longest files will be converted in minutes to save your time. You don’t need to worry about endless hours of manual retyping. No matter how complex or large your PDF files are, Lighten PDF to Excel Converter will get the job done.

Best! version EOYEJ.PDF.TO.EXCEL.CONVERTER.V.6.2.4.ZIP (11427 kb)

Version 10.11.6 (13148 kb)

on MacBook (10444 kb)

Updated 10.11 (11919 kb)

to MacBook (13148 kb)

Recomended to MacOS (11182 kb)

on 10.14.1 VERSION_6.2.3_PDF_TO_EXCEL_CONVERTER_08FK.ZIP (13885 kb)

Lighten Software Limited

iMac m8qt-vers.1.2.5-CodeLobster-IDE.dmg [100918 kb] 1.5.1

Version to Mojave 3.0.5_DELIVERIES_1IAYJ.APP [17832 kb] 3.1.5

Best on Sierra JDFL-VER-1.0.1-TALES-FROM-THE-DRAGON-MOUNTAIN:-THE-STRIX.APP [190955 kb] 1.3.0

Mojave VERS.2.1-JEWEL-QUEST-HERITAGE-F8SV.PKG [285990 kb] 2.4

on Sierra BITNAMI-CONCRETE5-CMS-STACK-VERS.8.4.7-0-OUGBZ.ZIP [170045 kb] 8.3.1-0

2020 Mac application
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