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⭐ corona vers.4.2

Corona is a full general-ledger accounting tool, yet still retains its "simple check register" appeal and price. Corona features "drag-and-drop" accounting, on-the-fly account creation, and one-click reconcilement.

- On-the-fly account creation
- Journal selector for entry forms
- Pop-up selectors minimize typing
- Drag-and-drop transaction entry
- Single-click bank reconciling
- Dynamic inventory creates itself
- Drag-and-drop inventory items
- Folios for charges and billing
- Query List recalls recent queries
- Exportable queries and reports

- Check register
- Bank reconcilement
- Unpaid bills file
- Check printing drawer
- Address index
- Invoicing and receivables
- Purchasing and payables
- General form entry
- Payroll and quarterlies
- Financial statements
- Subsidiary ledger reports

Recomended! version version.4.0.3.Corona.jFmyy.pkg [13492 kbytes]

Sierra vers.4.3.Corona.3EYNw.dmg [14242 kbytes]

Updated version 4.6-Corona-3Z2KPk.tar.gz [10619 kbytes]

Featured for High Sierra CORONA.VERSION.6.2.XVN.DMG [9994 kbytes]

Best on Mac mini 5SM.CORONA.VER.5.2.TAR.GZ [14491 kbytes]

Featured! version CORONA-VERS-4.4-U3GH.TAR.GZ [12992 kbytes]

R Charles Flickinger

Software key Corona 4.2

to High Sierra | 18665 kb | 1.2

Updated for MacOS iStat.Menus.Family.Pack.(5.Users) | 28716 kb | 6.00

! version rxGok_4.8_Bwana.dmg | 496 kb | 2.10
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